My specialization is in nanotechnology and biotechnology for clean energy and implantable device applications. I received my PhD in Materials Science & Engineering at UCLA under professor Bruce Dunn. I am a former fellow of the National Science Foundation as a member of the UCLA Clean Energy for Green Industry IGERT.

Specifically, I designed conductive, high surface area substrates that can facilitate direct electron transfer with redox enzymes for enzymatic biofuel cells. Like batteries, fuel cells have an anode and a cathode. On the anode end of the cell, one type of enzyme oxidizes sugar (the fuel source) by breaking hydrogen bonds. On the cathode end, another enzyme combines those electrons with oxygen and the generated hydrogen from the anode and makes water as the byproduct. Creating a direct attachment between the current collector and the enzyme removes the need for a mediator solution, which would reduce the voltage of the cell. These architectures also extend the life of the cells by reducing the rate of protein denaturation.

Previous research projects have included: carbon aerogels for wastewater treatment, characterization of lac dye staining on white ground ceramics, scanning electron microscope imaging of engineered vascularized tissue, lead-free solder and the effects of thermal aging, and enhancement of mechanical properties of dental ceramics.

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